‘Jessica Jones’ Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg Talks About Her Tough Heroine: DISCUSSION POST!

-Jessica Jones was originally going an ABC Show but it never came to pass

-On casting Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones: "It was a lengthy process, but Krysten Ritter was on our lists from the very beginning. We needed to do our due diligence, but she was one of very first people we saw, and she set the bar so high that every person was compared to her."

[Some Spoilerish parts of the interview]-On making Jessica a rape survivor an integral part of the story without showing the the actual act: "I know. [Showing rape to be "edgy and dark"] is just so tired. It’s lazy and dull storytelling, if nothing else. We have this rich, complex female lead and we are looking at what happened to her from her perspective. We were not going to do that thing where it’s about how the hero’s wife and child were killed and how his wife was raped — and it’s all about how he has to get revenge because that was “his woman.” We are not doing that. We are looking at the aftermath of what happened to her from her viewpoint."

-Marvel is currently working out the possibility of making a second season before "The Defenders" air

For everyone that finished the first season or currently watching what do you think about it so far?