One Direction’s Gay Bears: An ONTD Investigation

Alright ONTD, everyone was confused in the other post so let’s do this. As we all know gay rumours have accompanied 1D for years, with Larry shippers (Louis + Harry) being the most popular and passionate ship. What adds fuel to their fire? Rainbow teddy bears in drag at their concerts? Let’s have a look.

It all started when a fan threw a rainbow stuffed teddy bear on stage during their tour last year sometime idk:

The bears became sort of like a mascot for the tour and were put in some cheeky outfits, involving bondage bear, 70s pornstaches, and a smaller bear joining the original bear. This gave them the name “Rainbow Bondage Bear” (RBB) and SBB (Sugar baby bear, Small bondage bear?? idk)

When the north american On the Road Again tour kicked off this summer, the outfits started to get more and more gay. Examples:

...with a kd lang biography in Vancouver famous drag queen Divine in Baltimore. werq those eyebrows disco queens/wonder woman in Columbus

Larry fans went into overdrive with their first London show, with a wedding dress and a framed pic of Larry Grayson lol (spoiler alert Larry Grayson was gay). Some believe that Louis and Harry are married or engaged.

Lots of other queer(?) examples of the bears dressed in costume, posing with books/photos etc at the source. At one point they had an iPhone facing outwards with a cell number written on it and fans at the concert could text it and see their messages showing up lol

In addition to all this , a mysterious “official" RBB twitter @rbbsbbofficial has been set up, with 100K+ followers, and some #exclusive pics of the bears.

So that’s the tea ONTD. What do you think? Is Larry real? Is this some next level queer baiting? What does Liam think?

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All pics/info from the source