Sam Smith Says Maria Mena is 'the TRUTH'

My favourite writer and artist ever @mariamena_official has released her new song!! Me and Maria have become pen pals and I've had the honour of hearing some of these songs from her upcoming album. I have never been more inspired or more moved. This woman is the TRUTH. Please purchase and support HONEST and beautiful music xx Love you Maria xx I can't wait to properly meet you and thank you one day, for helping me through xxxx

Sam Smith has posted about his love of Norweigan musical goddess, Maria Mena. He shared an image from her new single, "I Don't Want to See You With Her" on his Instagram last night. Apaprently the two have been sharing music and Sam loves her superior sound.

Maria's single came out last week and her new album, "Growing Pains" will be out December 4th.

This isn't the first time Maria has received an endorsement from another artist. Back in 2004, Kanye West called Maria's single "You're the Only One" one of his sizzling summer songs in [banned source], saying it was quirky and stood out.

Not-banned source

ONTD, who are some of your favourite Scandinavian artists?