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Bieber's Oslo meltdown: concert special canceled, front row girls receives death threats

follow up on this post: Justin Bieber Abandons the Stage in the Middle of the Show UPDATE: Justin Cries More on Instagram!

The concert were arranged by TV2 . Bieber would be interviewed on TV2s Late night show and then play a concert for a few lucky fans. It would be aired as a special in November.

TV 2 are very disappointed, they say it's too early to say whether there will be any financial reprisals

  • The concert special is canceled. Bieber only played one song before he threw a tantrum and left, he was supposed to play 6 songs for the special. Tv2 view this as an obvious breach of contract.

Quote from the front row #watergate girls:

  • “First he threw the water bottle to us. I happened to squeezed it so that it splashed water on the stage. So he went and fetched a shirt that he was going to use to clean it up. He was really nice in the beginning. Then he snapped completely and began to yell. He looked me in the eyes and began to yell at me, he said "if you don’t stop, then I leave." I touched him, but not the shirt. I didn’t think he would be get so mad, we thought he was kidding. It sucks. We've been waiting all day, and then he just leaves. We have traveled a long way for this, so it really hurts.”

After the concert, several of the girls were targeted by Beliebers from all over the world. Their facebook pages were spammed with death threats and harassment.

video of what happened


i know these sources are in norwegian, but i'm hoping this will be accepted anyway. at least the sources aren't banned, and this mess is pretty entertaining
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