Britney FLOPS big time at Vegas, Céline Dion soars high!

- multiple sources are reporting that Britney's Las Vegas show is a massive flop

- ticket sales are dismal for Britney's "Piece Of Me" show, while Celine Dion's ticket sales have been wonderful ever since she reclaimed the Vegas stage in August.

- experts agree that Britney fans have moved on to other artists since early 00s when she used to be popular: "It’s hard to keep people interested in an act like Britney Spears since she’s a 1990s, 2000s pop star. That fan base doesn’t really come to Vegas to see her shows...They’re there for the EDM scene and DJs.”

- "It’s a Vegas war now that Céline is back, and Britney is losing in a major way. Céline has sold out almost every show.", analysts say