'The Girl on the Train' set for release on the same weekend as 'Gone Girl' premiered last year, obvs

Just in case there weren't enough comparisons. (Gone Girl premiered on October 3, 2014).

- The Girl on the Train and future mess Gambit are set to premiere on October 7, 2016 (When, in recent memory, has a superhero film been released in October???)

- Tbf, this particular release weekend has served adult-skewing films well. The author cites The Martian and Gravity, in addition to Gone Girl, as examples of strong performers.

- Article mentions Jared Leto as officially being a member of The Girl on the Train cast. Prayer circle that this is not true.

I had no idea Disney was distributing this. Bets on when 'Gambit' will be pushed back because lol @ it premiering in less than a year when a new director hasn't even been announced yet. 'Ant-Man' didn't even cut it this close.