NBC Executives Planning An Intervention for Jimmy Fallon

- NBC executives are concerned. The NBC entertainment chief and Lorne Michaels had a "have recently had several very frank and honest conversations about Jimmy. Lorne is extremely protective of Jimmy, obviously. Does Jimmy like to party and have a good time? Absolutely, and there late nights of going out with the crew after the show finishes taping, but it’s not every night.”
- “Jimmy shows up for work, on time, and is always a professional,” the source continued, but there’s still growing concern. “The NBC family adores Jimmy, but Bob is monitoring the situation. If he needs to intervene, it will be done.”
- A source who went to the Harvard event said he was drunk when he fell.
- “After he fell, the police helped him up. He immediately started yelling, ‘More Jaeger! More Jaeger!'” since he broke the bottle of Jaeger that he was carrying, the source continued. “Eventually someone brought him more Jaeger.”
- RadarOnline says he's been a party animal for years, reporting his bar fight in 2014 at Niagra in NYC and how he's been a fixture in the bar scene in New York.
- Sources close to Fallon say none of this is true.