Selena Gomez Reveals the Meaning Behind Each Track on REBIBLE

Track 14: “Perfect”
Selena: That was a very, very personal song, and it was extremely accurate. I remember feeling all of those emotions, and thinking to myself, 'I don’t know if I could put this on the record.’ In a way, it’s a little sad. It’s beautiful too. I really enjoy being able to go in that R&B and just flow in that world, and the track is unbelievable, but I was nervous to put it on the record for that reason. I felt like if I was already giving my all, I might as well acknowledge that part.

Track 1: “Revival”
Selena: 'Revival’ is everything in one song. Everything that I’ve been feeling the past year or two years. And ultimately, what struck me the most is just wanting to be heard. I’ve grown up in front of people. I’ve grown up in front of the world. One of my favorite lines is, 'I’ll admit it’s been painful, but I’ll be honest and grateful,’ because ultimately, it’s lead me and pushed me to be where I am today. Nothing has been handed to me. I’ve had to strive for it, and really put my all in it.

Track 3: “Hands To Myself”
Selena: 'Hands To Myself’ is my favorite. It’s actually one of the last songs I recorded for the album. It’s the second to last song I recorded, and we wrote it in a day, and it was incredible because I had this sass. I finished everything. I thought the album was done, and then I kind of went in, and I felt like I was ready for the next chapter, whatever it is, and I just knew that it had this sass to it. It’s really different, and it’s fresh, and it’s kind of got thisPrince-y vibe to it. I really appreciate that it’s kind of different from everything else.

Track 5: “Sober”
Selena: 'Sober’ is incredible. It’s easy to run away from your feelings, but I have to understand, and people need to understand, that you have to go through everything. You have to feel it. You gotta get through the other side as best as you can, and everyone has been in that situation where you can’t help it. Even if it’s not even that, it’s like love drunk in a way. You’re just oblivious to what’s going on, and you have to be connected with yourself to really dissect what it is that you’re feeling. You can’t need a person or need anything to get you through life. You’ve got to be content with yourself.

Track 7: “Camouflage”
Selena: 'Camouflage’ is the only ballad on the record, because it would be silly for me not to acknowledge it, and it’s beautiful. It’s incredible, and I wanted it to feel that feeling when everybody gets empty, or they feel invisible, when you feel like you’re somebody’s whole world, and as much as that’s painful, it’s also beautiful, because it allows you to reach that point where you’re able to stand on your own. I had to show that I had sadness as well, and that was important for me.

Track 10: “Body Heat”
Selena: 'Body Heat’ was recorded and written in Mexico, so that actually inspired it completely. I wanted to get out of my head. We came up with 'Revival’ in Mexico as well. I brought my producers and writers, and we just got inspired. I’m Mexican, and it’s incredible to be able to acknowledge that part of me, and it was really about how much you can feel when you’re in that culture, when you’re around people. We went out and heard live music, and then we came home [at] like 5 A.M. and recorded 'Body Heat,’ because the live instruments, the beats, what you feel … It kind of represents everything that I love about who I am.

Track 12: “Me & My Girls”
Selena: Actually, my real best friends do the background vocals. They did 'yeahs,’ and then they did the last part 'I’m going home with who I came with and who I came with’s not you.’ So yeah, I actually had my real best friends be a part of the song and that’s kind of what I’ve been experiencing - being single, going out, not worrying about any guys, just being with your girls.