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Alexis Bellino drags Tamra Judge in the name of Jesus at Real Housewives of Orange County reunion

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During the first part of the RHOC reunion, it was revealed that Alexis Bellino wrote an e-mail to Tamra before the reunion addressing her hypocrisy when it comes to finding new love for Jesus & her baptism on the show. Tamra has harassed Alexis about her faith and even called her "Jesus Jugs", the harassment caused Alexis to take xanax. Andy read the e-mail on the show.

"Hi Andy,

I hope you're well & I'm hoping you would share this with Tamra. I just think it's important for Tamra to hear and think about. When I became a cast member of RHOC 5 years ago, I knew I would be judged because of my appearance and my love for Jesus with Tamra being my biggest harasser.

Over time the viewers saw that although I am far from perfect and regardless of my bra size, my love for people and my non-backstabbing showed through. In fact I do love Jesus which is why I CANNOT sit back and watch a mockery be made of my savior! The greatest part of the walk with god is that he loves you where you are. You don't need to be perfect however that doesn't give you a hall pass to be baptized then continue your old, unkind & manipulative ways. Someone's faith is not entertainment! It's their sole reason for existence.

Sincerely and forever,
Jesus Barbie "

Source: my television + 1234
Discuss part one of the #RHOC reunion, plus thoughts on the sad stories that Vicki and Tamra told?
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