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Harry and Niall Talk Beibs, Girl Power, Zatan and More!

:30 - Beiber - "We just happen to be releasing our albums on the same day... I think the press made a bit of a deal of it because it's us and Justin Beiber." -Niall

1:55 - Many things have changed in 5 years - "I still don't have a beard." -Harry "I have chest hair that I didn't have before." -Niall

4:05 - Is it important to make music that empowers your fans? - "I think any time that you can make someone who potentially might not feel as great about themselves as they should, feel better about themselves, that's always a positive thing." -Harry

5:34 - If you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms... - "Just a rumor." -Harry

6:55 - Zayn - "We've always wanted to make the best record that we can, and I don't think that changed in any way. Everyone was very much on the same page... The album sounds a little different 'cause you're missing a voice that was there before. But we've very much grown stronger probably through the realization that we've got the same goal on different things." -Harry

8:55 - Break - "I can imagine it will be quite emotional... We've preformed to 7.5 million people in the last years." -Niall

10:20 - Niall's thoughts on Football - Harry feels the tension between Niall and the interviewer (from Poland).

11:55 - What can we expect for 2016? - "Don't expect too much, we might disappoint." -Harry
Harry avoids questions on side projects. Niall will be on a beach.

13:30 - What do you want to say to your Swedish Fans? - "A massive thank you." -Harry
Of course.

:33 - Now there's 4 of you...- "Less jostling now, more room for frolicking." -Harry

:52 - New Album - "We're like really proud of this one. We worked really hard on it." -Harry

1:39 - Perfect - "We like the song very much. It's like a fun love song." -Harry

2:15 - Break - "I haven't been home since Christmas." -Niall

2:54 - Girls - Lorraine calls Niall cheeky. Harry looks for a wedding ring. Talk about finding "The One."
"People who would approach someone in that way, for the wrong reasons, are usually quite transparent. I think it's pretty easy to tell what someone's intentions are." -Harry

3:56 - Doing Good - "One of the most rewarding things that's come from this has been obviously having been in a position to make a difference... To make a difference to things that really matter."

#VIDEO | Harry literally mopped up the ground after fans threw water on it. ©@1dinsidereport #EMABiggestFans1D

— Harry Updates (@HarryNews1D) October 19, 2015

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Honestly, the best part of these interviews is the fact that Harry's hands have turned blue from the dye on his pants. STARS, THEY'RE JUST LIKE US!

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