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Guess who came down to Singapore??

AYYYY. David Gandy!

(Photo by my friend)

He was basically in Singapore for to promote Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue and (I'm just gonna cut and paste from the comment I made in another post...)

I had to buy a bottle of cologne in order to get to meet him. I did, got into queue and when it was my turn, I whipped out my ipad for the staff to take a photo with and I held onto my phone for a selfie. He saw the drawing I did (which I initially wanted him to sign) but he was in awe of it so much, I asked if he wanted it. Gave it to him and he was asking me so much questions, I love him hahha.

I took my phone out and we took a selfie and he KEPT ASKING ME STUFF and I was like, "Uhh David could you give me a kiss? David????" And he was like, "OH! You want a kiss?" And he did and held it until I got the photo with the crowd going "WOOOOOO!" Hugged him goodbye and he went in for another kiss to the cheek. :') This morning I found out that his assistant retweeted my drawing and I just -  It was crazy.

I have no idea what he smells like, I'm SORRY! But his voice and his baby blues, lord help me.
I posted this on instagram and basically ladies are all calling me names now. I AM BASKING IN IT.

Here's what I got from the event (look at us looking like a bridal couple with our matchy matchy clothes)

Here's me looking like I'm bitching about someone.

Aaaaand here's the drawing that I gave to David:

Yep. I still can't get over the kiss hahaha.

SOURCE: My friend's phone, my ipad, my Instagram (1, 2)

(Sorry mods, I forgot to put in the source the first round!)
Tags: celebrity encounter, models

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