Demi Lovato Uses Dubious "Charity Action" To Inflate 1st Week Album Sales

- Demi Lovato promoted a shady "charity buyout" for a sick kid hospital: Fans were asked to buy dozens of copies of her new album that is struggling on the charts

- The catch? No money is being donated to the sick children. Instead, fans are asked to give away the albums to the hospital.

- Instead of donating the proceeds from bought albums to sick children, Demi is keeping the money for herself.

- Children in need are left with hundreds of worthless CD's of an album that can be streamed for free on Spotify

- Demi called the charity action "SO unbelievable, SO inspiring" on Twitter

Here is the poster for the event:

Here is Demi praising fans for their "charity":

Fans buying insane amounts of her record:

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mods: here is the gofundme page asking for donations to buy even more albums. It says: "Every donation counts and will go straight towards purchasing an album that will be donated to Sick Kids." All money involved is going towards buying Demi Lovato albums.