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Tom Hiddleston Looking Handsome AF in GQ

Tom Hiddleston wears the sharpest business suits of the season

Our new mantra for office attire this fall is: Be aggressive. So go full tilt in one of these chalk-striped business suits, like ultra-versatile actor Tom Hiddleston, he of villainous Thor fame—and now, a turn as Hank Williams

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2. They come in single- or double-breasted versions. (The double-breasted one will provoke twice as many double takes.)

3. They pop harder with timeless business-guy gear like a badass watch, a briefcase, and an umbrella.

4. You can wear chalk stripes with sneakers, too, making your transition to the gym that much easier.

5. Chalk stripes work best on heavyweight winter suits like this flannel. As it gets chilly, just add a sweater (and leave the topcoat at home).

6. The lines have gotten thicker. Wearing stripes this bold projects major confidence. And in business, what’s more important than that?

7. Yes, you can wear stripes with patterned shirts and ties. Just make sure all the patterns aren’t the same scale.

8. The overarching look is classic, but the details—from the small collar to the skinny tie and tie bar—can only be fall 2015. Also, note the cool interplay between the spots on the tie and the chalky stripes on the suit.

9. Stripes go with stripes. So when you’re reaching for a tie in the morning, you’re safe with either horizontal or diagonal.

10. These suits look best with the top button fastened, even when you’re on the move. Now go get yourself a promotion already.


So ONTD, men in suits: hot or insanely hot?
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