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Project Runway 14x11 - The Runway's in 3D

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The designers are asked to create an avant garde look inspired by a bridge, utilizing 3D printing. Two days for this challenge, and a trip to Mood.

Who goes literal and makes an actual bridge look on their girl? Whose 3D pieces look like cut up eggs? Will we ever see the Tim Gunn save? Answers inside.

The designers lament losing Swapnil and his apparent lack of motivation that lead to his Auf'ing. On the Runway, Heidi tells them their challenge will be in 3D and to see Tim for more details. The designers are taken to the river to see the Queensborough, Manhattan, and Brooklyn bridges, which will serve as their inspiration for an avant garde challenge. Merline describes this crossing of fashion and architecture as her 'love language'.

Tim tells designers that in a Project Runway First ®, the designers will be using 3D printing - I guess we are prentending that Justin LeBlanc Season 12 didn't happen.

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nice try, Project Runway

At mood, Kelly finds a literal brick print. Candice proclaims she will not use black, but then buys black fabric anyway. When the 3D printing consultants come in to the workroom, we get a little preview of their designs, which look cool. Unfortunately it means a lot of heavy handed product placement. buy a CUBE™ 3D printer buy a CUBE™ 3D printer buy a CUBE™ 3D printer

On day two, we get the Tim Gunn critiques. Candice, whose father works on bridges, is making a floor length gown with (surprise, surprise) black 3D printings. Ashley is making a see-through pant, with polka dots. This further affirms that girl should never be left alone in mood. All the same, the other designers note she is really pushing herself outside her comfort zone.

At Edmond's critique, Tim sees promise for a "knock out." Ashley, in confessional, says she sees a black dress. Merline is a ball of energy, as this challenge has everything she loves. She has made a mood-board, The Secret style inspiration piece. She has a lot of ideas, but Tim notes she doesn't really have a concrete plan for her construction. Kelly from the Deli has gone very literal, with her 3D printing being brick, her fabric being brick, the legs being pillars, and the chest section being wires. Tim, completely deadpan and without emotion, says "it makes him smile" and likens it to a Pannier dress which went over my head without the accompanying image, and surely went over Kelly's too.

Making the most of the 90 minutes Lifetime crams down our throats, we do get some fun interactions in the breakroom where Kelly realizes that she hasn't been eating cream cheese, but pure butter. You go Kelly from the Deli, you go.

Top Looks

Candice Cuoco
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Edmond Newton
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kelly Dempsey
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Bottom Looks

Ashley Nell Tipton
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Merline Labissiere
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

WINNER - Kelly
OUT - Merline

Mel B, the guest judge, told Candice she would like to wear her dress.

The Tim Gunn save was NOT used. I will miss Merline :(

What are your thoughts ONTD? Will you be dressing as the Brooklyn Bridge this halloween?

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