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ONTD and Obama's favorite girl band continues being fierce and flawless in Australia.

  • They probably messed up their Love Me Like You performance during the X-Factor Australia, but they say that no one noticed.

  • The X-Factor Dubai is the weirdest one according to them because it's more tame and they weren't allowed to perform certain songs.

  • It doesn't matter what they say on stage because fans will scream anyways.

  • The host tried to make an ISIS joke about it and it was awkward.

  • Everyone but Perrie hated their proms. Perrie's prom was sick and she loved it.

  • Jade was stood up at her prom because he wasn't wearing silver and they didn't match.

  • The guy tried to contact her after she became famous and told her that they should had gone to prom together and that it would had been great. She obviously blew him off.

  • Perrie and Jesy think that Jade and Leigh-Anne would be most likely to be prom queen, but Leigh-Anne thinks that Jesy would be.

  • They played Celebrity Name Drop.

  • Perrie met Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper.

  • Jesy thought she was joking when she was telling her story because she has a terrible memory and she couldn't remember Perrie telling them that story when it happened.

  • They have grabbed drinks with Adam Lambert a couple of times.

  • Barack Obama listened to Black Magic on Spotify.

  • “Shout out to Barack!” — Jade Thirlwall

President Obama is currently listening to Black Magic by Little Mix
— Obama's Spotify (@ObamaSpotify) October 8, 2015

  • Jade has fantasized about an X-Factor judge, but I have no idea who because I couldn't understand what she was saying, so help me out here, ONTD.

  • According to me she said Mel B, but I don't think that's what she said.

  • They sing in Japanese and with an Australian accent.

  • Just the girls being their usual cute selves.

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