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5 SOS Address Ignorant Criticism and Talk Next Phase of Their Career

Your favorite band, 5 Seconds of Summer, is still promoting their hit album Sounds Good. Feels Good. (October 23). In a new interview while in Australia, they spoke about their dark times when they wanted to give up & ignorant criticism.
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- The last track on the album is called Carry On, and its about sticking through the tough times, life get better.
- They object to suggestions from people that they're trying to be a rock band. They clarify that they only want to put guitars back on radio and they won't be getting rid of their pop sound/melodies anytime soon.
- Acknowledge that they toured with 1D for promo and say “Admittedly a lot of people came to us from 1D. Now, to some of those people, we aren’t the band they thought we were. There was a weird perception of us when we first came out and that’s fair enough, we knew who we were playing to and we wouldn’t change it for anything. And if we had come out with She’s Kinda Hot last year, we wouldn’t have been half as successful as we are now. It’s about us growing up and the fans are too.”
- Added lots of "woah" and "hey" into their songs for fun and for fans who don't speak english cause they love it at their live shows.

Source is an Australian media outlet
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