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Kirsten Dunst Got Bullied Into Doing a Sexy Shoot at 18: "I was too young, I didn't like it."

The good sis Kiki Dunst is out doing promo for Fargo season 2 and has spilled some tea for the Stylist Magazine about getting cake from Tom Cruise every christmas, her directing plans, and being bullied into doing a Maxim shoot when she was younger. In a separate interview she speaks about the current state of the movie industry and feeling dismissed on the set of the original Spider-Man movies. Also low-key shades the movie industry's ageism on her appearance at The Late Late Show with James Corden last night.

For Stylist Magazine:

  • About her directional debut: "It might happen next year. It's hard, it's such a famous book for women. I can't say what it is. If I heard it was being made, I'd say, 'That should never be made into a movie!'"

  • About Tom Cruise: "Yes, I run into Tom. He sends me cake every Christmas. I call it the Cruise Cake. It's so good - a coconut cake with white chocolate chips. It gets eaten within a day in my house. When the Cruise Cake gets delivered, it's like, 'Cruise Cake's here!' My friends know what that means."

  • About herself when she was 18: "'I didn't try pot till I was 18.', she shrugs. She did once get bullied into a cover shoot for US men's magazine Maxim, appearing bra-less beneath an open denim jacket. 'I was too young, I didn't like it'". Hints that she also didn't feel very comfortable at certain Bring It On scenes.

For The Guardian:

  • About the movie industry: “People don’t go to the cinema unless it’s an event any more, so the movie industry is in a weird place, for sure, and the creative people are blossoming on television.” Why is that? “There are just too many movies being made, I think. So many of them get lost. Too many cooks in the kitchen – the studio’s editing it, the producers are editing it, the director’s editing, too. But everyone has their hand in it, so whose movie is it at the end of the day? People don’t need all the money they’re using. That’s the other thing: when you have too much time, too much money, the creative starts to slip away. It just does."

  • Is the movie industry sexist?: “God. These conversations are always so, like… I mean, yeah.” she concludes. She recalls that, when she was filming Spider-Man at the age of 18, the older men on set – including director Raimi – would call her “Girly-girl”. “I didn’t like that at all. I mean, I think they meant it as endearing, but at my age I took it as dismissive.” At the time she was too intimidated to speak up for herself."

  • Also at the Spider-Man set, she was suggested to fix her teeth: “I was like: ‘No, my teeth are cool!’ The biggest fault for any actor is vanity, and I’ve never fallen prey to that. I don’t think about it. Sometimes I should, because I look at myself and I’m like: ‘Urgh, I gained a little weight’ or whatever. But I think about that after the fact. When I’m acting, I just don’t care."

  • Wants to be a mother. Says her bae Garrett Hedlund is a "kind, kind man." and that he teases her about not knowing how to cook.


Are you tired of the way that woman are treated on film sets/Hollywood in general, ONTD? TYFYA!
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