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Daniel Craig gets muzzled by Sony after complaining about Bond

Daniel Craig has been ordered to shut up and stop bashing Bond by Sony after he came out saying he'd rather slash his wrists than play Bond again.

There are reports that Craig thinks he's above a commercial series like Bond, but the Spectre production was notoriously nightmarish, which may have soured his feelings towards the franchise. Three writing teams have had to rework the entire third act of the film, Sony pushed product placement that Mendes and Craig resented, Craig injured his knee and had to undergo surgery in the middle of filming, and reshoots continued up until the end of September despite the film being scheduled for a Nov 6 release stateside.

Naomie Harris, who plays Moneypenny in the films, also stood up for her costar, saying that the remarks were sarcastic and that he was expressing exhaustion over having worked 128 days on the film.

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