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Lamar Odom update round-up

- Since being brought in they've determined he's had multiple strokes
- Currently on 3-5 hour dialysis for kidney failure.
- Jesse Jackson was in with him for 30 mins. to pray, claims he is responsive but the source claims otherwise.

Now on to some of the more insidious articles...

- Of course the family isn't filming this, they're actually banning cameras of any kind from being even close to Lamar
- Although source makes sure to highlight that even if they wanted to, they're currently on filming hiatus and a film crew isn't available
- Except Kim recently said on Ellen that they can literally call a film crew at any time if something happens so plz, fuck off TMZ

- Of course while we wait on more word, source decides to speculate that this is all Khloe's fault because her reactions to Lamar calling her/Jaime's death were featured on the most recent episode of KUWTK

- Had cocaine and opiates in his system, but they can't tell if the track marks are old or new
- The fluid that was leaking from his mouth was as a result of crack cocaine use


- Although they signed their divorce papers back in July, the courts are apparently backlogged and the divorce won't be deemed final for at least another two months
- As such, Khloe is still legally his wife and can make medical decisions for him. TMZ is reporting that she already has made some since he arrived.

- 911 call was made at 3:15pm yesterday first by one of the workers at the Love Rach, then by their media person, where dispatchers instructed him to move Lamar onto his side. He finally got to the hospital around 6pm
- He was unconscious but not breathing, and a pink substance that didn't look deep red like blood was coming out of his nose and mouth
- An ambulance was called and brought him to a closeby hospital where they determined his condition required more care.
-They were going to helicpoter him to the hospital in Las Vegas where he is now, but they were unable to fit him into the helicopter due to his "stature", aka he was too tall.
This last bit was actually a point of contention because a reporter asked if he had been able to take the helicopter rather than have to drive there by ambulance, would his condition have been better, and the chief of police shut that down so quick even though the detective that first brought it up was like "I mean it would have been the better choice"
- The police have a warrent to obtain his blood, but don't have one to search the ranch beyond the investigation scene (aka his suite), and they aren't releasing any details yet
- The toxicology report on his blood could take weeks
- They contacted a member of the Kardashian family (most likely Khloe); this person was "understandably distraught"
- There were no complications while transporting him for care (i.e. he never went into heart arrest or anything like that, just was unconscious but breathing)
- When asked whether he was alone at the ranch, the detective said that he wasn't comfortable sharing
- All questions that were not able to be answered as it's an ongoing investigation:

  • What was found in his suite?

  • Is it possible someone at the ranch is liable? If they gave him the drugs or sold him the drugs, would they be charged?

  • What type of medication or drugs he was on?

  • Did he receive any phone calls while there?

  • Have they interviewed the people that found him?

  • Did Lamar intentionally ask to be alone as some reports are suggesting?

- His condition is worsening, and the longer he stays like this, the less likely he will recover
- Apparently he squeezed Khloe's hand last night, but it's unclear whether it was an involuntary reaction or not

Please pray for Lamar 🙏 #ourfighter

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Praying nonstop for my Brother !!

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Let's dance again together soon. Prayers up for Lamar please.

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Believing in the power of prayer for this beautiful soul.

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Even this shitstain

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