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Best of NYFF: Critics Pick Their Favorite Films and Performances

Best Films and Performances from NYFF 2015

Best Narrative Feature: Carol
Best Documentary Feature: Where to Invade Next - I thought De Palma would sweep this one after the wonderful reception it received at Venice.
Best Director: Todd Haynes, Carol - I hope Todd is recognized by the academy. Such a talented filmmaker and one of the nicest people.
Best Lead Performance: 1. Cate Blanchett, Carol, 2. Rooney Mara, Carol - *Squealing with Joy. But seriously, even people who do not care much for Blanchett *cough*EdGonzalez*cough* were pleasantly surprised. She kills it in this movie.
Best Supporting Performance: Mark Rylance, Bridge of Spies - Rooney & Chandler were 3rd and 4th. I thought Paulson was wonderful as well. Todd really did a wonderful job of exploring Abby and Carol's friendship. Her scenes with Cate are some of the best in the movie. Also, I still think Roons should go supporting. She would certainly win!
Best Screenplay: Carol - Very very very happy for Phyllis Nagy. She really did a wonderful job picking out the best bits and pieces from the book. Although my favorite Milk scene didn't make the cut :(
Best Cinematography: Carol - YAS! If you don't care for anyone in the movie, just watch it for the cinematography. Every image is like an Edward Hooper painting. Just the most beautifully shot film. The attention to detail when it comes to the props, etc. is exquisite.
Best Ensemble: Steve Jobs - Carol came second! Boo!

OP's Note: I saw the movie on the 10th. Todd, Cate, Roons, and the producers were there for Q&A afterwards. I absolutely loved the movie. I have been looking forward to it since it was first officially discussed back in 2011. There has been so many ups and downs with the production of this movie and finally I was able to see it. The Price of Salt is one of my favorite books and it is one of the first to give a homosexual couple a hopeful ending. And I have read it a million times. I would encourage everyone to check it out because it is a wonderful movie with many wonderful women behind it, from the script writer, to the producers, etc. It's very difficult to put into words how gorgeous this movie is. Just something you'd have to experience on your own. I thought Cate peaked with Blue Jasmine but I guess Todd just brings something else out of her.

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