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Brandon Confirms The Killers Have Begun Work on Album #5 + Superheated

On #TK5:
"We’re in motion for sure. We’re starting to talk and looking at where we’re going to rehearse and where we’re going to write and thinking about switching it up. I think we definitely need to do something a little different.  We need to turn it on its head a little bit. The wheels are turning."

Thinks last album, Battle Born (available on iTunes now!), had great moments. Is most proud of "Be Still," "The Way it Was," and "Runaways."

Is honored to be on New Order's new album with the closing track "Superheated." Which by the way was recently released. Check it out below!

yassssss. but Brandon bb please, you need to eat a damn sandwich and get a fresh haircut before that album drops!

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