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Vegas who? Mariah will perform in Macau's newest Casino

mariah carey james packer talking marriage lead

Mariah will be performing on the opening night of Macau's newest Casino, Studio City

  • Studio city is partially invested in by her new boo, James Packer.

  • James is hoping Mariah will draw in her billionaire/millionaire chinese fans

  • James is looking to fill the front row with people such as Leonardo DiCarprio (of oscar nominee fame), Robert De Niro (of 2 times oscar winning fame) and Mariah's long time friend Brett Ratner (of 'reheresals are for fags' fame)

  • she will be paid a 6 figure sum

  • no words yet on if she will also be slaying dragons while in China

Source: eurweb

ONTD, have you been to a casino, how was it?

Tags: leonardo dicaprio, mariah carey, robert deniro

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