Latoya Jackson (mssykes) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Latoya Jackson

Your Favorite Band Performs Flawless Nickelback Acapella Rendition

5 Seconds of Summer did a few new interviews promoting Sounds Good. Feels Good. out on October 23rd. They talked with iheardradio about a variety of topics including touring, butter, and suitcases. They also performed this near perfect rendition of legendary band Nickelback's hit song How You Remind Me.

- Think Americans are chilled out
- Mainstream radio in Australia you can say shit
- Michael says "fuck"
- They prefer vegemite to nutella (WTF)
- Will tour the new album early next year
- They've been working on poster designs for the tour "There's a poster!"

- Wrote the album from February to April last year. 2.5 Months
- Recorded and wrote it then went on tour, then re-recorded some new stuff


whats your fave nickelback song, ONTD?
Tags: australian celebrities

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