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ONTD Original: Top 10 Horrid Fashion Trends

10. Frosted Tips

Anyone who’s ever stanned a boyband that wasn’t 1D has probably encountered the nightmare that was frosted tips, where the hair is short and spiked, with -yes, you guessed it- frosted tips. I feel like Lance Bass needs to have an honourable mention in this bc, holy hell, that was a rough era for all of us. But yeah, frosted tips were a thing that Chad Kroeger (lol), Aaron Carter, Jared Leto, JT, and the 90s teen heartthrob to end all teen heartthrobs Joshua Jackson (yep, I mean Pacey) all had it going for them. Who asked for it ? Idk.

09. Bell Bottoms

Flattering to no one unless you weigh 90 lbs and are 6 feet tall (questionable even then), came the bell bottoms. Gaining popularity for some reason in the late 60s and the 70s, bell bottoms became a thing. Featuring Heidi Klum (who makes a lot of questionable fashion choices for someone who’s hosted 10+ seasons of PR), Chrissy Teigen and finally, your fave Kylie Jenner. Devastating.

08. Huge Shoulder Pads

OK so, shoulder pads have always been a thing since the 40s, recurring through the decades, both in daily and evening wear. Idk if I would necessarily classify this as ‘horrid fashion choice’ but it can go wrong so fast. It became huge again in 2009, appearing in multiple high end runways such as Alexander Wang, Herve Ledger, BCBG, Diane Von Furstenberg. I’ll let you decide on this one, because honestly, I don’t have a clear vision.

07. Clear Bra Straps

Did you ever want to look cheap without really putting in much effort ? You’re in luck, cause now we have clear bra straps ! While providing you with the illusion that you’re not wearing a bra, this fashion trend brings you one step closer to your inner Courtney Stodden. Just embrace it.

06. Uggs

Your order possibly comes with a pumpkin spice latte. Uggs have been the butt of way too many jokes. Whether or not you find them comfortable is up to you, at this point they’re coined as your starter pack for starbucks loving, juicy couture wearing teenager fashion choice. Granted, they're probably comfortable and keep your feet warm, but is it worth it ? Wear them at your own risk.

05. The Mullet

Where to even begin. The mullet, from white trash to redneck, it’s always had a beaming presence in your life. Apparently it came to be popularised with the Beastie Boys (thanks a lot - they had a song called Mullet Head). It’s always been a thing, apparently became popular within the lesbian culture (i’m not going there, this is wikipedia) but yeah, apparently it’s still a thing where Tyra gives it to models in makeovers.

04. Studded Bracelets (The Sk8er Boi/Scene look)

He was a boy, she was girl, can I make it anymore obvious ? The sk8er boi fashion took us all by surprise, but there’s no denying the scene~ look was a thing during myspace days. The teased hair, studded bracelets and belts, cargo pants, white tank tops with ironed hair ? Avril had an impact on us (on some of us. that were impressionable) that you can’t ignore. How many of you still have converses that are torn apart but you cannot throw them away bc that's how they're supposed to look dammit ! (there is more than meets the eye)

03. Sagging Pants

This is just vile and I apologise for exposing you to this tragic trend that sadly happened irl. I don’t know who started it, I don’t want to know who started it. All I know is (gross, Wikipedia) is that it started off so people could show off their underwear, and it apparently started in prisons because people weren’t allowed belts. Either way, I will not go deep down into the history of this, all I know is Justin Bieber looked ridiculous.

02. Sandals with Socks

Apparently people were wearing socks and sandals 2000 years ago. That is still no excuse to be wearing them today. Both David Beckham (so disappointed) and Justin Bieber (less disappointed) have been accused of wearing socks with sandals, as well as the latest addition to the mix, Rihanna, but she has a sock line now (I can’t) so it’s somewhat OK.

01. Crocs.

No visuals. Nope. This disgusting pos became popular somewhere in the mid 2000s, and I’m not even going to. The pics should provide you with all the information you need on why it’s disgusting. It is, the most vile trend ever. It is just. Idc if it’s comfortable, there are a lot of things that are comfortable yet don’t look as offensive.

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