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YouTubers Drama: Screen Junkies vs Cinema Sins


So we all know and love our Honest Trailers and the Everything wrong with videos, the creators of the two channels are quite friendly and have in the past collaborated or crossed over to do each other's bit.

Everything was pretty rosy with the channels till this past week. Bit of back ground:
-Both channels do other stuff besides the Honest trailers and Everything wrong with videos (you should really watch movie fights on screen junkies, its awesome.
-This week, Screen Junkies or the honest trailers guys decided to add movie reviews to their channel.To differentiate from everyone else, they were going to do theirs in a car. It was pretty terrible with bad product placement and awkward product tie in (the car they were driving)

-This is all well and good except that the Cinema sins guys already do something similar, lower production value but much cleverer. Cue lots of hate in the comments A) for the horrible product placement and B) for ripping off a friend.

-Cinema Sins guy was not pleased and asked them to change it/take it down, Screen Junkies were all ehh, we'll see what we can do. Considering they asked him to not use a certain phrase with something that he had done called how to fix the horror genre cause they had done something similar before and he obliged, this was pretty shitty. Probably wasn't easy for them to take it down since it was with a sponsor.
-Screen Junkies promise to try something different next time but Cinema Sins guy not pleased. He takes to YouTube and posts this: basically saying he's disappointed in his friends

-Thing is though, Cinema Sins is not the first to do this whole reviews in a car, Cinema Snob has been doing it longer.
-Does he have a right to be mad ONTD? Seems to be more pissed about it being his friends more than anything.

Seems like they are reconciling:

EDIT: UPDATE, as is usual someone posted without thinking. Has now sobered up and realized how silly it was to whine about this publicly.

Cinema Sins Jeremy Cinema Sins Screen Junkies

ONTD have you ever ripped off a friend? Personally i think Jeremy is being a whiny baby, the idea is not that original, yeah they are friends but hey if you can do it better why not? maybe they should have asked first. I have a bigger issue with the shitty product placement, considering how much they talk shit about product placement, its quite rich for them to do this.

Also why is there no youtube tag?
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