jerry mcdonald (mickeymouse) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
jerry mcdonald

ONTD ORIGINAL: 3 Times 5SOS Ripped Off Another Band

Some people have noticed that ONTD's Favorite Band5 Seconds of Summer's new single "Hey Everybody" sounds remarkably similar to Duran Duran's "Hungry Like The Wolf", but this is not the only 5SOS song that comes a little too close (i.e. exactly the same) to the songs of other popular bands.

1. Hey Everybody vs. Hungry Like The Wolf

The verses are identical.

2. Out of my Limit vs. All The Small Things

It's the same song. THE SAME SONG.

3. Social Casualty vs. Sugar We're Goin Down

The intro is note-for-note.

Honorable Mention: Disconnected vs. Every song by the 1975 you might have ever heard.

Disconnected sounds really similar to Chocolate, for example, but it also sounds like it's ripped off of The 1975's entire album.

Have you ever ripped off your favorite bands' most popular songs, ONTD?
Tags: australian celebrities, blink-182, list, music / musician (rock), ontd original, patrick stump / fall out boy

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