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ONTD Original: A forgotten childhood movie retrospective. Halloween Edition!

I have compiled a list of movies from my childhood that I feel don't get the recognition or respect that they deserve. Since we are in the month of October, I felt that it was a perfect time to shine the light on horror movies. They run the gamut from campy kids movies to adult thrillers that I used to secretly watch when my parents weren't at home. Most of these movies can be found on netflix, youtube, cable channels or other streaming sites online. These are some classics in my book! Note: there are some mild spoilers in the descriptions.

Little Monsters - 1989

Starring: Fred Savage, Howie Mandel, and a baby Ben Savage
Plot: Brian (Fred Savage) discovers a monster world under his bed with no parents and no rules, thanks to his new wacky monster friend Maurice (Howie Mandel). The fun and games take a serious turn when Brian's little brother, Eric (Ben Savage), is kidnapped by the evil monsters. Brian and his friends have one night to get Eric back before they too turn into monsters and are forced to stay in the world under the bed.
Moment that messed me up: none.
Message conveyed: It's fun to rebel from your parents, but eventually you have to grow up.

Lisa - 1990

WARNING: Violence in this clip!
Starring: Cheryl Ladd, Staci Keanan, and DW Moffett
Plot: 14 Year old Lisa (Staci Keanan) is boy crazy, but unfortunately her mother (Cheryl Ladd) won't let her date yet. Lisa runs into a handsome stranger, Richard (DW Moffett), and quickly becomes infatuated. She promptly follows him, finds his number and begins anonymously calling him to try and "seduce" him. Unbeknownst to Lisa, Richard is the infamous Venice "Candlelight Killer" and her teenage antics end up having her and her mother fighting for their life.
Moment that messed me up: The last 15 mins/candle scenes.
Message conveyed: Don't play around on the phone with strangers...they are probably serial killers.

Cherry Falls - 2000

Starring: Brittany Murphy, Jay Mohr, and Michael Biehn
Plot: A serial killer is stalking and killing Virgins in the small, sleepy town of Cherry Falls. Jody(Brittany Murphy), the Sheriff's(Michael Biehn) daughter, is intrigued by the mystery as she is a target of the killer. Together with her teacher, Mr. Marliston(Jay Mohr), Jody works to solve the mystery before more blood is shed, but ends up discovering a secret that changes her world forever.
Moment that messed me up: The reveal/motive of the killer.
Message conveyed: Your past will come back to haunt you.

The Gate - 1987

Starring: Stephen Dorff
Plot: Strange things begin to happen after workers remove a large tree in Glen's (Stephen Dorff) backyard that leaves a massive hole. Glen's parents decide to leave him in the care of his sister, Al, for a 3 day weekend getaway. Seizing the opportunity to party, Al invites over her friends over. Little do they know that a night of fun is about to turn into a fight for their lives.
Moment that messed me up: The demon coming out of the wall and snatching the sister.
Message conveyed: The tree in your backyard could be covering a portal to Hell.

Ernest Scared Stupid - 1991

Starring: Jim Varney, Eartha Kitt
Plot: Local idiot, Ernest (Jim Varney), unknowingly releases an evil troll who turns children into wooden dolls. Old Lady Hackmore (Eartha Kitt) and Ernest team up to stop the troll from claiming the lives of more children on Halloween night.
Moment that messed me up: Being turned into a doll for eternity
Message conveyed: The scary old lady on the block is usually the good guy.

The Crush - 1993

Starring: Alicia Silverstone, Cary Elwes, Jennifer Rubin
Plot: 14 year old Adrian (Alicia Silverstone) develops a crush on her parent's new tenant, Nick (Cary Elwes). Their harmless friendship turns sour when Nick rebuffs Adrian's advances due to her age. When Nick begins dating his coworker, Amy(Jennifer Rubin), Adrian's obsession begins to up end Nick's life and everyone around him.
Moment that messed me up: The bees...OMG the bees.
Message conveyed: Not all little girls are sugar and spice and everything nice.

The Witches - 1990

Starring: Anjelica Huston, Jasen Fisher, Rowan Atkinson
Plot: After his parents death, Luke(Jasen Fisher), goes to lives with his grandmother, Helga, in England. On doctors orders, Luke and Helga go to stay in a hotel by the seaside. When the children in the hotel slowly start disappearing one by one, Helga and Luke must uncover the true identities of a group of wealthy women staying at the hotel.
Moment that messed me up: The little girl stuck inside the painting.
Message conveyed: You apparently can't trust Mr. Bean to do anything right.

Night of the Demons 1 & 2 - 1988 & 1994

Starring: Amelia Kinkade, Christine Taylor (sequel)
Plot: Teenagers make the poor decision to party in an abandoned funeral parlor "Hull House" which is rumored to be built on "evil land unfit for human inhabitants" and are picked off one at a time by a demonic spirit.
Moment that messed me up: The lipstick scene.
Message conveyed: Don't try to conjure demonic entities.

The People Under the Stairs - 1991

Starring: Brandon Adams, Ving Rhames, AJ Langer
Plot: Fool(Brandon Adams) and his family are facing eviction from their home in Los Angeles by their sadistic, racist, and uncaring landlords, the Robesons. After a botched robbery attempt of the landlord's home with Leroy(Ving Rhames), Fool finds himself trapped in a house of horrors run by the Robesons. Along with the couple's daughter Alice(AJ Langer) and Roach(Sean Whalen), they must find a way out before it's too late.
Moment that messed me up: The people under the stairs...every time they are on screen.
Message conveyed: Rich white people are crazy.

Serial Mom - 1994

Starring: Kathleen Turner, Ricki Lake, Matthew Lillard
Plot: Beverly Sutphin(Kathleen Turner) appears to be your normal suburban housewife. After a series a bizarre murders rattles her upscale Baltimore community, suspicions start to fall on her. It's up to her children Misty (Ricki Lake) and Chip (Matthew Lillard) to protect her from the police while also stopping her from acting on her killer instincts.
Moment that messed me up: Beverly prank calling Dottie Hinkle.
Message conveyed: Never wear white after labor day.

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Any scary movies you feel have been forgotten, ONTD?

Honorable Mention to 1987's Monster Squad.
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