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Another live-action coming soon

- will be produced by Brian Glazer, Ron Howard, Sandy Climan, Annmarie Bailey, and Masayuki Ozaki (who produced the anime series)

- Imagine Entertainment will partnered with All Nippon Entertainment Works and Namco Bandai

- Tiger & Bunny is a post-modern take on superheroes, treading gournd similar to Powers and Watchmen, but with a lighter tone. The series takes place 45 years after powered humans, called NEXTs, began appearing on Earth. These NEXTs are broadcast on a reality show called Hero TV, where they are ranked based on their deeds and compete to be crowned each seasons’ “King of Heroes.”

The story follows Wild Tiger, a veteran hero with old school values and no knack for showmanship. He teams with a younger hero with the same powers and a bit more flair. They take on the challenges of the day and clash over their different philosophies on heroism along the way, and eventually must take on a homicidal vigilante NEXT named Lunatic.


Who you'll like to see playing the characters, ONTD? Hiroyuki Sanada as Kotetsu pls.
Tags: adaptations, anime / manga

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