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ASTROLOGY POST! Celebs with Mercury in Retrograde! Can we hear their message?

Today marks the end of the last Mercury Retrograde of 2015! We know that when Mercury goes retrograde, the world suddenly becomes prone to not getting (or giving) the message! Mercury's retrograde period is NOT about fucking up our lives though, it's about reflection. Before we can move on with a clean slate, we have to make sure we have all loose ends tied up. So that tire you've been putting off replacing- it will blow out. That old phone you're hanging on to while you debate an upgrade- it's going to break. The fun little road trip you planned with your friends- it might not go so smoothly after all!

But that's just Mercury in transit. What about the ~20% of people who are born during one of these periods and have Mercury's retrograde stamped on their soul? First of all, it's not the disaster that a mercury retrograde in transit is- and by no means are those with natal Mercury in retrograde less intelligent or articulate than the rest of us. The problem is that the energy of Mercury, which allows people to see how we communicate, perceive and understand situations, solve problems and learn, is turned inward- so while it's felt very deeply by the individual, the rest of us can't really feel it from the person. Since we cannot feel the energy, the individual may then begin to feel less intelligent and doubt themselves, asking why the can't get themselves across clearly? It causes Mercury to then work harder to understand everything, making many Retrograde-Mercury individuals smarter and more driven, even if the rest of us can't tell.

Let's look a short list of public figures with Natal Retrograde-Mercury to help understand:

Hillary Clinton

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio on the Ascendant: She wants to be President sooooo bad, yet time and time again, people and pundits alike are always questioning her message—is this how she really feels? Is this something that polled well so she went with it? A lack of authenticity in her message has always plagued her political career, despite the common knowledge that she's one of the most well informed and policy literate politicians. Also working against her is the fact that Mercury is retrograde directly on her Ascendant and it's in the already suspicion-inducing sign of Scorpio.

Steve Jobs

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius in the 5th house: A notorious asshole and a mad genius. The planet of intellect, Mercury, is retrograde through his 5th house of creativity and happiness in the sign of Aquarius which rules over innovation, technology, and rebel intellectualism. It's apparent how this played out with him being a revolutionary inventor, using Mercury's high intellect to literally change the face of how society communicates, and yet- his problems working with others are as notorious as his brainpower.

Angelina Jolie

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini in the 11th house: Even in the quirky, friendly, fun sign of Gemini; and even in the house of friendships and social groups, Angelina has admitted that she's never had a lot of close friends and was bullied in school which lead to self-harming habits and other mental health issues. We've all raised eyebrows over some of her choices- whether it's wearing a vial of blood, kissing her brother, or swooping on a married man- and her responses are always Gemini-like... brief, nonchalant, and layered.

Julia Roberts

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio in the 4th house:This is a good example of why the house a planet lands in is important. I was surprised to see she has a natal Retrograde-Mercury, because she never really came across as the type... and then I saw it was in her 4th house of home and family. The 4th house is already a sacred and introverted area of our chart, adding to that is that Mercury is in the secretive sign of Scorpio, so Julia was already pre-destined to not have a very "visible" Mercurian energy. However, when I did a quick google search to find examples of this- well, I ended up finding the example by the LACK of example. Her Wikipedia entry under "personal life" contains a short paragraph about her marriages to Lyle Lovett and Danny Moder, her relationship with Benjamin Bratt, and her kids names and birth dates. It's followed by another very short paragraph regarding her practicing Hinduism. And that concludes the information that is openly known about her family and home life. So, it looks like secretive Scorpio Mercury is doing it's job of keeping the info on lockdown, and retrograde makes anything there is that much harder to actually find.

Robert Downey, Jr.

Mercury Retrograde in Aries in the 9th house:Well, a giant arrogant jerk with Mercury retrograde through Aries? You don't say? This is a completely self-centric placement, with Aries ruling over the foundation of our identity & the 9th house is where we break-through our glass ceiling to find that identity's place amongst the world and society at large. His struggle to do this is widely noted as he's spoken out about his legal problems and substance abuse issues, which nearly cost him his career. In true Aries spirit though, Mercury in retrograde was able to fight harder and bounce back, finally learning it's lessons, and RDJ experienced a mid-life revival of his career- something that seems to be particularly exclusive to white dudes.

Source for celeb birth charts
My astrology tumblr
Astrology tag has my past posts and others!

Do you have natal Mercury in retrograde ONTD?
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