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Latoya Jackson

5 Seconds of Summer Accidentally Slip They're Not Big Fifth Harmony Fans

In an offensive and awkward "Mash Up" game created by Capital FM, 5 SOS had to do some random ass "mash it up wahdfhhrhehfds wtf?" phrase thing when a name they liked was mentioned. The boys weren't too eager once they realized what a messed up game it was, after some subtle shade resulted.

Michael said it for Taylor Swift (he has a crush on her), Luke said it for Selena Gomez (another crush), they all said it for Rihanna, Janet and Madonna, and then silence for Lauren from Fifth Harmony.
Calum and Michael then realized what happened/what the game was, and said they felt bad and the game sucked, with the game making Calum feel awkward.

In case you're unaware, 5H stans have been bullying 5 SOS & their fans online for the past year, which may explain why they all went silent.

- Calum does his British accent, its adorable
- "Permanent Vacation" took the longest to write off new album, it was 4 days.
- interviewer tells them they all look like they gained weight


5 SOS have been adamant for years about trying to help their fans stop cutting/with depression, they've actively reached out to the fans for this and then 5H fans were telling them to cut deeper/trending it on social media and all this shit, which naturally pissed off 5SOS.
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