Amanda Bynes (deathcrew77) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Amanda Bynes

New Electro Music Releases

OP Here enriching your life with new electro music, that has been released within the past 2 months. As there has been a lack of electro music news on ONTD (besides Disclosure’s new album being released), here are some of OPs personal favs. Why am I talking about myself in third person, no idea… Enjoy!

Burns – Make It Clap
(who? = Cute Brit who is part of Calvin Harris’ entourage but also makes music & spins in Las Vegas on the occasion)

Diplo & Sleepy Tom – Be Right There

The Chainsmokers – Roses
(who? = Those guys who brought you that “Selfie” song)

Kaskade’s “Automatic” Album Released – September 25th 2015
(top songs in OP’s opinion)

A Little More

Never Sleep Alone

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This post brought to you by: Nothing to do at work today.
Please share any of your fav dance tunes new/old!
Tags: diplo, music / musician (electronic), new music post

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