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ONTD's new boyfriend stops 1D concert for 5 whole minutes just to get one little girl's name right.

  • Harry Styles sings “happy birthday” to every fan who has a birthday at their On the Road Again tour stops.

  • A 7-year-old girl wearing bunny ears was celebrating her birthday at their show in Manchester on Sunday, October 4.

  • Harry couldn't figure out her name, which was Lexi, so he decided to call her Trevor.

  • The girl looked devastated by this, so he asked the fans to play telephone and pass her name down to the front row so he could get her name right, but obviously that didn't work.

  • They tried some other ways to tell him Lexi's name, but everything failed, until her sister/someone sitting next to her typed Lexi's name on her iPhone and hold it up to the camera so Harry could read it on the big screen.

You can watch the full video H E R E

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ONTD, has Harry sung “happy birthday” to you?
This post is dedicated to madamezuzu, tuggernuts and harry_styles
Tags: british celebrities, concert / tour dates, one direction

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