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New BLACK SAILS Season 3 footage featured in S2 recap + DVD featurette

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DEN OF THE GEEK shared an exclusive recap video of the second season of Starz' Black Sails with commentary from the actors and creators. The last 30 seconds, however, show new footage from the upcoming third season, including a first look at John Silver's leg (possibly gory). Watch the VIDEO @ THE SOURCE

CRAVE ONLINE also shared AN EXCLUSIVE CLIP from the upcoming season 2 DVD extras, a behind the scenes look at the practical & visual effects and the sets built to create the Spanish Man O' War, the Walrus crew's current ship.

"Black Sails: The Complete Second Season" will be released on DVD & Blu-ray on November 3, 2015. Season 3 is scheduled to premiere January 2016.

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source 2

which iconic gay music legend does the main character of your current favourite show resemble, ONTD?

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