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Fall of the House of Duggar '15: their church even says Dillards are full of shit, unqualified

-The hits just keep on coming for the rapidly-spawning trash-heap that is the Duggar clan. We all know Jill and Dehydrated Aaron Rodgers have been trumpeting their "mission work" (aka pray-cation) in Central America (why) but people have been calling bullshit for a while now, wondering where the donations they've solicited are actually going, and why they keep dragging their unfortunately-named baby back and forth to the US for weddings. Turns out they're not even "real" missionaries at all, and have not been endorsed even by their own creepy megachurch.

-They recently had a "going away party" for yet another trip back to Central America, open only to those who give them $$$$, and they didn't even feed the guests.

-According to Inquisitr, while Dehydrated Aaron Rodgers posted on IG acting like their church had "commissioned" them as "missionaries," it turns out that's a lie and it was just some prayer or some shit and Dehydrated Aaron Rodgers copped to it. They've been rejected by the church as missionaries due to lack of qualifications. Shocking.

-What qualifications could possibly be necessary to go play basketball with poor, misguided brown people and try to convince them they're following the wrong flavor of Christianity? Apparently for the man (ugh) an actual accredited degree and a bunch of Bible study courses, and for the woman, just a few Bible study courses from an actual education institution, which, lol, we all know how the Duggars feel about education. Neither Dehydrated Aaron Rodgers nor Jill has either qualification.

-Dehydrated Aaron Rodgers claims the purpose of their time in Central America is to learn Spanish...exciting stuff, definitely worth filming for a documentary. They're also handing out books written by actual sexual predator Bill Gothard, who's one of the leaders within their cult.

-Fan backlash is getting pretty bad on FB and IG, with people demanding to know what the funds are being used for. As always, the Duggars/Dillards are refusing to answer anyone's questions.

Source again.

ONTD, have you ever lied about doing something "important" with your life in order to scam vacation money out of gullible religious fundamentalists who think your contribution to overpopulation is cute, inspiring, and moral?
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