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ONTD Original ~Spoopy Edition~: Creepiest Youtube Videos

Japanese ghost: the haunted hospital (FULL FOOTAGE) | Spoopy rating: 7/10
Jumping right into things, this one may be a classic to those of you who regularly peruse youtube for horrific content. This video, most likely pulled from popular japanese scary compilation tv shows and movies, has a news crew exploring an abandon hospital. As with every instance when people with cameras go exploring abandoned buildings, things go just splendidly!

The Forbidden Files: 05 The Witch by Jean-Teddy Filippe | Spoopy Rating: 6/10
This video is actually part of a series called "The Forbidden Documents" which can be viewed in its entirety here. The whole series is worth the watch and my personal favorite is actually the last entry, The Investigation. Despite that though, this is the creepiest entry of the bunch, in my opinion, about a small spanish village plagued by a shape shifting witch.

Scariest Places on Earth (New Jersey Devil episode) | Spoopy rating: 7/10
I'm sure many of you remember this iconic series. Back when ABC Family used to be FOX Family and they aired a few original series during their annual "31 Days of Halloween" event. Narrated by that creepy but adorable little old lady from Poltergeist, this show explored famous haunted and creepy locations around the world, churning out some pretty memorable episodes about The Catacombs and the home of a family murdered by an unknown axe man in Villisca, Iowa. For some reason though, seeing this particular episode in my younger years scared me the most. I can't really put my finger on why, maybe in my naivety, empathizing with how spooked the woman is towards the end by whatever she saw in the woods really stuck.

Unexplained murder during 911 call (EXPLICIT) | Spoopy rating: 10/10
TRIGGER WARNING AS THIS CALL MAY OR MAY NOT BE REAL. After about 10 minutes of ~hardcore googling~ I was unable to find any definitive answer as to whether or not this call is real. It is a seemingly elderly woman calling 911 during a home invasion, sadly things do not end well. This is one of the first legitimately terrifying and disturbing things I ever came across when first exploring spooky shit on the internet. This is again, highly disturbing, and I'm only including it because it could be fake.

Interview with a Cannibal | Spoopy CREEP FACTOR: 9001/10
TRIGGER WARNING: MURDER AND CANNIBALISM. This is a VICE documentary about a man who murdered, mutilated and ate pieces of victims.....And pretty much got away with it. Barely spending anytime in jail or on psychiatric hold, and is free to do this, speaking freely of and profiting from his crimes.

Sources: 1|2|3|4|5

Yes MODS, "spoopy". It's a silly meme wordplay on the word "spooky", not a typo.

I wanted to put together some videos not often immediately used in this category, so obviously there are more well known "creepy" videos out there, but still, these are fun I think. I'll just be settling down in the comments as you all share your favorite creepy youtube videos. Happy 5th of Halloween!
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