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ONTD Original- 4 Nasty Custody Battles

Thanks to Kelly Rutherford, ONTD is slowly becoming more versed in International Law. Goes well with all the other expert fields we know so much about. Let's look back at some messy custody cases, this will either be new to you or old news if you've been on ONTD and reading the tabloids growing up, like my old self.

Let's start with Kelly Rutherford

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Yes that is the ex who lives in the slums of Monaco.

- Kelly divorced her first husband after he got sick, as a result her greedy ass continued her 2002 InStyle spread even though she filed for divorce after 6 long months. "In sickness and in health" doesn't apply to Kelly.

- She was pregnant when she married Daniel. Got married August, gave birth in October of 2006.

- She got pregnant again and filed for divorce. She didn't tell her soon to be ex when the baby was born. He found out via the media.

- She filed for sole custody while he filed for joint, thus creating this years long struggle.

- After an agreement in 2009, Kelly filed a restraining order and told the State Dept that he was involved with fraud and weapons/drug dealings in South America.

- After a summer is horrific Monaco, Kelly filed for sole custody, so California courts said 50-50 must stay in place and since Daniel is not allowed in the US, he should have primary custody.

- He offered her an apartment and expenses paid in the slums of Monaco, but what BRAVE AMERICAN would live there??? obvs not Grace Kelly

- This summer, rather than put her children on the plane on the agreed date, she chose not to. Daniel had to file with the courts so the children can get home.

- October 26th will be the next court date with this on going saga.

Let's go back a few years and relive Usher's drama.

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- Usher and Tameka married in 2007 after dating starting in 2005. She was his personal stylist for years.

- They became a blended family with her having 3 kids as well as the 2 they'd have together.

- Ater the birth of their 2nd child, Tameka was in come to Brasil for lipo but had a bad reaction to it and ended up in a coma.

- Not long after that Usher filed for divorce. That lead to a 3 year battle.

- There was lots of publicity including Tameka saying that Usher was going to make her homeless.

- There were also the freak death of her son, with her previous husband, a month before the courts decided Usher was to have full custody.

- But in 2013, their child Cinco, got stcuk in the pool drain. Tameka filed for emergency custody and was denied.

Halle Berry, where does one begin with her case?

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- Halle and Gabriel met in 2005 and had their daughter in 2008.

- She broke up with Gabriel in April 2010 and started dating Oliver in July 2010.

- Gabriel asked for joint custody which started the drama. The tragedy.

- Lots of back and forth but the biggest combustion was after getting engaged to Olivier, they wanted to escape to France. Gabriel didn't want that and the judge took his side.

- There was some shadiness during a a hand over, where Olivier decided to involve himself and a fight ensued. We'll never know the whole story since the cameras were conveniently not working.

- The most recent was the "did the sun or did she get highlights: court debate happened. I'm still in disbelief that Halle dragged him to court over that.

- Expect this to continue until Nahla has enough.

To keep this short and end with a famous white guy, let's go back to the 80s/90s with the iconic Burt Renoylds and Loni Anderson battle.

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- They met in 1981 and married in 1988.

- They adopted their son in 1988, now making the prenup invalid. Not a bad clause when he's worth 15 million and you 1 million. [80s money style ofc]

- 1993 all hell breaks loose with Burt filing in Florida and Loni in California.

- Now the awesome part, especially since my mom had a subscription to them and I read it all, Burt actually talks to the National Enquirer, first of many articles, saying he never cheated on Loni. 2 weeks later a cocktail waitress says they've had a 2 year affair

- Burt decided to challenge Loni in a lie detector test stating “If she wins, I will give her everything I own, including my ranch, my house, a lot of Western art she doesn’t want, and her $13 million she was asking for. If I win, I get Quinton. That’s all I want.”

- They finally settle on custody and left the courthouse holding hands.

- Burt just kept losing money and Loni kept dragging him for his non payments.

- Burt and Loni get along enough for dinner with their son, especially since he just paid off his support payments. Yes now, as in 2015.

My memories as well as: Kelly's Wiki, Usher's Wiki, Halle's Wiki, Burt and Loni Divorce timeline
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