Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman's Daughter Is Married

  • Cruise and Kidman's 22 year old daughter Isabella got married September 18th to a British IT consultant in London, according to Woman's Day. Her husband is NOT a Scientologist.

  • Neither Tom, Nicole, or their son Connor attended the wedding, according to RadarOnline, although Nicole is in London currently. According to our fellow members, Nicole WAS at the wedding, Tom and their son Connor were not. The wedding was for the couple's close friends. This is allegedly due to the private Isabella not wanting the press to show up due to her famous parents' attendance.

  • According to an insider, Isabella has already changed her name to Isabella Parker.

  • Neither Cruise or Kidman have met their new son-in-law, but Kidman is apparently "overjoyed."

Sources: Woman's Day, RadarOnline, DailyMail

Congrats, Isabella!