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The MLB regular season ends today! Here's your postseason preview.

biased postseason graphic because I'm making the post

Today was the final day of the regular season in Major League Baseball! Some things were decided today, including playoff spots and home field advantages, so here's a preview of the postseason to come!

National League:
NL Wild Card game:
Chicago Cubs (97-65) at Pittsburgh Pirates (98-64)
Pitchers: Jake SLAYrrieta for Chicago, Gerrit Cole for Pittsburgh

New York Mets vs Los Angeles Dodgers (home field advantage: Dodgers)
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Winner of NL Wild Card game (home field advantage: Cardinals)

American League:
AL Wild Card Game:
Houston Astros at New York Yankees
Pitchers: Dallas Keuchel for Houston (probably) vs Masahiro Tanaka for New York

Texas Rangers vs Toronto Blue Jays (home field advantage: Blue Jays)
Kansas City Royals vs Winner of AL Wild Card game (home field advantage: Royals)

Some notes:
-Los Angeles Angels just barely miss a chance at a playoff spot by losing to the Texas Rangers
-Pirates manage to hold onto home field advantage in the NL Wild Card game, edging out Cubs by 1 game
-Dee Gordon edges out Bryce Harper for the NL batting title, giving Marlins fans something to be happy about in an otherwise terrible season
-Jake Arrieta's second half is the best second half by a pitcher in MLB history. His ERA of 0.41 is LESS THAN HALF of the next best second half ERA by Spud Chandler in 1943 with 0.83. Paging Cy Young (Sorry Greinke)
-Max Scherzer of the Nationals pitched his second no-hitter of the season yesterday, giving Nats fans something to be happy about in an otherwise terrible season
-Marlins manager Jennings let Ichiro Suzuki pitch a little today because why not
-Despite losing to the craptacular Braves the last three games, the Cardinals will end with the best record in baseball, the only team to win 100 games this year
-The 3 best teams in baseball, record-wise, all reside in the National League Central Division: Cardinals, Pirates, Cubs.
-World Series home field advantage goes to the AL pennant winner because the AL won the All-Star game this year

End of season baseball post! Did your team make it? What were the highlights of the season for you?
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