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The Shipwreck In the Streets

ACL Post

From Austin360:

-"They came onstage blaring Queen’s “We Are the Champions” — and then threw all irony out the window, by actually proving it. Run The Jewels are untouchable. IIs there anyone in hip-hop with a live show this good?"
-"But mostly it was non-stop compliments for Austin, the crowd, and the year RTJ have been having. They felt grateful, and their excitement flowed through them into the audience. And the crowd was deep into this one. By far the most energized I saw on Friday."

-"This was a show for the college crowd, who knew all the lyrics of an act that is still miles from being a household name. But it was a winner for everyone else who ventured over in the early evening to catch them, because it seemed obvious from their set, that the more people listening to their music, the more energy feeds these guys."

ACL Highlights: Day One


I don't actually care about RTJ, I just wanna talk about ACL, but props to them!

ACL goers, give me pics and reviews!

Mods, this version has a video, please toss the previous one!
Tags: black celebrities, music / musician (rap and hip-hop), music festival

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