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Tinashe about C**** B****: "What I really want is to have the opportunity of performing with him".

In a interview with brazilian pop-music-centered website "POPline", Tinashe talks about herself, Katy, Nicki, her new single "Player", her upcoming album "Joyride", and Chris Brown

-About Katy Perry and being her tour opening act:
"I met her earlier, before the concert. She wished me luck and thanked me for coming. It was nice. She's super sweet! Very nice, really. Down to earth."

-About being Nicki Minaj's tour opening act:
"It was so much fun! It was great to be touring in the summer and now already touring again with Katy. I love being on stage. Her fans gave me a great reaction. And I always think it's very important to take the fanbase in consideration."

-About her "Joyride" trailer ("I can't be ignored") and if she feels "unsatisfied" with the feedback to her first album:
"Umm... I think it's more like a question in my life, if I can put it like that. My album was definitely well received and critically acclaimed, and that's all that matters to me, but I'm excited to share the next chapter with the people, that is my new album."

-About "Player" and about who chooses the artists featuring in her songs:
"Most of them, me. In this song, there was already an intention of featuring Chris Brown. But what I really want is to have the opportunity of performing with him, because I consider him a big 'entertainer'. I want to sing with him live at some point. The video is going to be out soon, so stay tuned. It's gonna have a lot of dancing."


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"Most of them, me."
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