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In Broadway News Nobody Cares About... Kelsey Grammer Returning To Finding Neverland

- End of article pretty much goes into depth and rehash over Grammer's career, then over the story and creation of Finding Neverland: what it's about, how it was made into a movie, how they decided to develop it for Broadway as a musical

- Grammer's people confirm he's coming back and the producer of the show Harvey Weinstein (what is he not producing at this point??) admits that Grammer's being used as a strategy for them to get an older audience in that used to watch Cheers and Fraser because apparently they do care enough about this musical and Grammer's legacy lmao

- But they're also using the strategy to keep getting the "tween" audience to give a shit like they say they did with Matthew Morrison (lol) by having different suggestions and the only name that's been revealed so far from the list is the love of my life and ontd's DUI fave Chris Pine

- Zayn Malik is suggested by a New York Post interviewer for some reason

Sources: ONE and TWO
Tags: broadway / theatre, chris pine

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