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Dominion season 2 finale postmortem with Vaun Wilmott


TV Insider interviewed Dominion showrunner, Vaun Wilmott, about season 3 and what to expect from S3 if the show gets renewed. The highlights:

[Spoiler (click to open)]

* They were going to go in a different direction with Claire in S3, so they decided instead to kill her off, after she found her faith in Alex again and died for what she believed in (Vega) so it was poetic closure.

* Vaun always knew Noma would be revealed to be allied with Gabriel and was meant to be a betrayer, it just got revealed later than they originally planned. They're going to play with whether she knew what Lucifer wants to do with Alex.

* Lucifer will be impressive, charismatic, articulate and probably British; he loves mankind and wants to help them against God's edict, his choices can seem very wrong but are justified in certain ways. Lucifer has no intentions of bringing their Father back, he wants a world where they're all kings and no Father judging and classifying; he sees humans living alongside angels and is described as both evil and good.

* Alex will embrace his Chosen One-ness more in S3.

* If there's a third season, we will see Helena. You can read a bit about it HERE on the SyFy website.

SOURCE (there's also a postmortem on TVLINE banned source.

You guys, let's discuss the finale, while we do a prayer circle/human sacrifice for season 3.
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