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Mira Sorvino Talks About Cult Classic Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

Mira Sorvino

The film is officially 18 years old and Mira talked about her experience on the cult classic film.

"That was probably the most fun I ever had on a set. That was so much fun. We were cracking each other up and trying hard not to laugh between scenes because [our characters] were such object idiots but then there was a lot of love between us," Sorvino said Wednesday. "We were so self-assured that we were so smart but we were so dumb."

"I was a nerd in high school. That's why I did this movie. I was such a geek. They called me 'Mira Queera' and the only boys that liked me were the Dungeons and Dragons guys," the Falling Skies star explained. "People wrote mean things on my locker or on my books. Teachers liked me but I had like two or three best friends and the mean girls hated me for some reason - perhaps because I spoke back at them."

"That's why I did Romy and Michele. I wanted to show people who are suffering through that horrible moment of high school of unpopularity and geekdom that it's going to get better and that you have the strength within you to not give a crap about what anyone else thinks."

In the video at source, she also speaks with and apologizes to the creator of Post-its, Art Fry.


It's been a tough day, what's your guilty pleasure comedy fav's?

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