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Rihanna caught LYING about record ratings!

Rihanna brags about fake statistics:

Pop singer Rihanna was hoping 2015 would be her year, but after several singles underperforming - her album got indefinitely pushed back.

In order to appear more successful, Rihanna took to Instagram to brag about high ratings of her Rock In Rio festival appearance and shade MTV VMA's for having low ratings.

Sadly, the stats she posted were completely fake.

  • Rihanna claimed her Rock In Rio appearance had 7.5 million viewers and bragged about it being more than the VMAs.

  • Looking into the detailed report of the event ratings, we can see the number is completely false.

  • ""With 2.1 points higher than the second place Adam Lambert and Queen, Rihanna had the show with the highest audience of RIR. In third place was Katy Perry, also a pop artist, with 4.7 rating points.", the report says.

  • 1 rating point is equivalent to 67.000 people watching.

  • This means Rihanna only had 502,000 people watching.

  • MTV VMA's has about 5 million people watching just on their main channel, and close to 10 million people watching all together.

In short:
Rihanna "Rock In Rio" 2015 views: 0,5 million
MTV VMA 2015 views: 10 million

Not a good look for Rihanna!

source 1 (Rihanna's original post)
source 2 (RIR official ratings)
source 3 (MTV VMA 2015 ratings)
Tags: ratings / charts, rihanna, you in danger

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