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Pope Francis blesses Kim Davis, reminds progressives that he's still head of the Catholic church

- Pope seeked her out and met her privately to thank her for her "courage",said he'd pray for her and told her to stay strong
-Pope avoided  taking any political sides in his speeches, but progressives have been loving him since he was basically preaching tenants of the New Testament of Love and Kindness like the first Hippie on record Jesus would have wanted.
He has confirmed that the meeting took place but will not discuss what was said there, Kim Davis has already done that on his behalf though
-People forget that when you pick and choose nicely, the Bible can be the most progressive book ever.
- Now that its out there you can hear the collective groans of progressives everywhere, although they should really know better, he is the head of the CATHOLIC CHURCH, opponents of contraceptions and general female reproductive health outside of popping babies, what were you expecting?
-Also its gay marriage!!The day the church allows it officially we can all then just float on to planet Kolab cause it be the end of the world y'all.
-Cue multiple articles on "how disappointing this is"...ummmm what? they share the same view on this issue
-Don't act all surprised when a Catholic acts Catholic.

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What are your feelings on the Pope ONTD? Personally i like him on a lot of stuff, he's never gonna be some shining progessive beacon. Take what you can and leave all the crazy out, like most Christians do.
Tags: lgbtq / rights, nobody, religion

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