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Camila Cabello implies she's tired of being in a girl group, #Harmonizers drag her to filth!

The lovely girls of No Harmony and Canola grace the cover of LATINA magazine!

Stans and haters have been noticing some tension between the girls of No Harmony, particularly Dinah/Normani vs. Camila. While the other girls discussed touching personal experiences of growth and fandom love, Camila adds fuel to the fire!

Asked whether she expects that her crew will eventually break up:
“Honestly, I think we all do. We’d be lying if we all said this is a picture- perfect thing, like we all completely agreed on the album track list and what the sound and the music-video treatment would be like, which usually happens in bands who grew up together. But for manufactured bands, it’s harder.” She takes a moment to recalibrate her answer. “The cool part is that we allow one another to do our own thing within this thing. I think it’s healthy because if not, personally, I would go insane.”

On One Direction's hiatus:
“It’s so sad. But, at the same time, I understand where they’re coming from. They’ve been together for a long time. I didn’t know creatively how difficult it would be to be in a group — especially when it’s manufactured. When it’s people from all over the place, it’s a strength, but it’s also a huge weakness because you can never agree on anything. Everybody’s heart is in a different genre. Everybody’s heart is in a different melody. Someone might love a lyric, but someone else hates it. I understand where they’re coming from, because sometimes it gets to a point where they just need to express themselves.”

On what she looks for in a boyfriend:
"I think it just needs to be a good person. I was young and naïve and stupid. But because I’m a good girl, I tend to fall for the bad boy persona, and it ends up biting me in the butt. They end up not knowing how to treat me, and I end up completely devastated. I just need to find someone who is a good person with good values and who is focused. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot friends outside the music industry, and I only have two outside of it. I’m a very big believer in tight and close circles. I don’t have a lot of friends, and I’m really picky about the people I surround myself with. I think that’s important. If it happened to be someone in the music industry, it would have to be someone who is completely in it for the music — not buying into any of the fame and disgusting stuff. There’s a lot of disgusting stuff. I’m just overwhelmed by it lately. There’s gross shit in the music industry.

Apparently this tweet was sent during the girls break. She was with Shawn Mendez and The Vamps. Iirc, Lauren dated one of the members, was cheated on, and dude talked smack about her.

Harmonizers react!

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