ONTD Review: The Kylie Jenner App

Kylie's $44.88/Year App Offers Very Little; Asks For Too Much

Due to popular request, I've decided to give in and check out the official Kylie Jenner app that has been creating a lot of buzz online.

I did not expect much from this app, but I must say this app really surprised me...

First of all, the app icon on my homescreen was very basic and ugly. Still, I tapped on it.

I was greeted by a boring welcome screen that was obviously copying Beyonce's album cover.
The first surprise came when I realized that you can't even access this app unless you register and have an ongoing subscription.
The world's most popular fashion magazines don't require such validation. Why does the Kylie Jenner app think it can ask for so much?

I tapped on the 7 days free trial and decided to register and save my fellow ONTD-ers the trouble of doing so.

The app then asks you for too much of your private info, but then comes the real twist.

The app costs $44.88/year! AND you must subscribe to it even if you choose the 7 day free trial.

Yes, the Kylie Jenner app costs twice as much as a yearly subscription to Vogue Magazine (which costs $22 in app format).

Kylie Jenner then asks to intrude on your personal time by asking you to get notified every time Kylie does a live stream.

Personally, I wasn't interested but I tapped "Notify me" for research purposes.

Kylie hasn't live streamed once during my usage of this app.

Kylie then congratulates you for "unlocking her world".

What does her world consist of, you might ask?

Well, the World Of Kylie consists of the following three things:

  • radio

  • looks

  • lyfe

Indeed, those are the only three features of this app. Disappointing, even by Kylie standards. But let's check it out.

The radio is a very basic feature where you can preview and buy music such as Trap Queen by Fetty Wap. Not very groundbreaking.

Then we have the looks section where you can see Kylie's paparazzi pictures you've already seen a 1000 times for free, paired with links to purchase the clothes Kylie was wearing.

In essense, the Kylie Jenner app is an app where you pay to see more advertising.

More advertisting posing as "content".

You too can now buy this ugly bathrobe with the help of the Kylie Jenner app!

The final feature of the app is called... "lyfe".

It consists of a couple of short behind the scenes videos of Kylie doing some questionable photoshoots.

I fast forwarded through them and wondered if Kylie's "lyfe" is as vapid and boring as this app.

There is a video where a scary looking Kylie explains how she didn't have a boobjob and is instead just using a good push up bra.

Fascinating stuff, really.

In the 10 minutes of using this app, I've already gone through all of the "content".

I could not believe that a subscription based service like this can offer so little, but that was indeed all there was to the app.

I immediately went to unsubscribe so I don't forget and actually give money for this useless app, but there is no "unsubscribe" function within the app. I was forced to log into my Apple account outside of the app to unsubscribe.

- it costs $44,88/Year
- it offers very little content
- the content it does offer is mostly just advertising
- the layout is boring and depressing
- the app is very intrusive when it comes to your privacy
- hard to remove subscription

- the app is only 22MB, so it's easy to install and immediately remove

All in all, I think this app is fraudulent piece of trash. Even if you found yourself in predicament where you stan Kylie Jenner, you will still be disappointed.

The app offers little to nothing and asks for way too much. Avoid at all costs!

source: me + app