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Anne Hathaway Talks Robert De Niro, Praises Jennifer Lawrence, Gender Inequality and more...

Here are some excerpts from the interview she had with the Inquirer:

On being tongue tied aroud Robert De Niro: "It took me a few weeks to stop feeling tongue-tied around him and that can happen to me, anyway. I have all these memories of the early moments of filming of either me standing next to him in silence, trying to think of something to say and then coming up with a really lame joke. About three weeks in, I finally relaxed. We just started shooting the breeze every day. He was so easy to talk to after that."

On advice and director Garry Marshall: "...best advice that I have ever gotten, the first one I got as a film actor was from (director) Garry Marshall. It was a gift, a gem piece of advice to get when I was starting out at 17 years old. We haven’t started making “The Princess Diaries” yet. He said, “I can’t promise you that this movie will be successful. I am going to do my best and you are going to do your best. But we are not really in control of when a movie finds an audience, if it finds an audience. The only thing we can control is the time that we have making it. I am planning on having a great time making it and I hope that you plan on having a great time making it, too."

On gender inequality in Hollywood: "
Sadly, I think the gender disparity is across all fields. There’s a lot of strides to be made. In Hollywood specifically, we need better roles for women. We need studios actively looking to launch franchises for women. We need more female superheroes with their own franchises. If this is the moment of the superhero, then we need the ladies up there on the screen."

Anne continues by bringing up ONTD fave JLaw... "
It’s frustrating. I hate reading the statistics. They are discouraging, but they also ignite a fire in my belly. I am sure a lot of other people feel the same way. I would like to give like three billion cheers to Jennifer Lawrence for negotiating the first US$20-million contract for a woman. How brilliant that she stood by her guns and said, “I know that I am worth this.” We just need to clone Jennifer Lawrence and everything will be fine (laughs)."

Full interview at the source!

ONTD, should we clone Jennifer Lawrence? What about AnnE?

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