More Marvel Studio Shakeup Dirt: Kevin Feige Almost Left Marvel Due To Civil War's Massive Budget

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-Ironically it was because of Captain America: Civil War that brought the civil war in Marvel Studios to a boiling point between Feige and Perlmutter.
-Because of Civil War's huge cast the budget was way bigger than the typical solo movie Marvel produces and that didn't bode well with Perlmutter.
-Perlmutter and the creative committee wanted to scale it down (the article also mentions that the committee wont be disbanded but there influence on the movies will be minimal at best now).
-Because of them Feige contemplated leaving Marvel until Disney's Bob Iger stepped in and amended the situation.
-Another source claims that it was because Age of Ultron didn't live up to expectations financially and Feige used that as leverage to push out Perlmutter.

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also, you all need to help me come up with a creative name for this marvel shakeup just incase we get more dirt about it in the future.