Anne Hathaway reveals the origin of the term 'on fleek'

-Hathaway and "The Intern" director Nancy Meyers talked to the LA Times about their movie, women, other stuff..

What's it like to act inside one of the beautiful worlds Nancy creates?

Hathaway: Your character's environment is so revealing about who they are. I loved Jules' apartment, but I also loved the offices. It was hip and cool and understated. Everything was beautiful but functional. Seeing the office started to inform the costume decisions. Her wardrobe is on fleek but practical.

Meyers: On fleek. Now this is a completely made-up word.

Hathaway: No, no, there's an origin for "on fleek." It's from an eyebrow tutorial. It went viral, and now we all say it.

Meyers: I posted a photo on Instagram of the TV in my kitchen with "The Bachelorette" on and in front of it was a rack of cookies I had just made and Mindy Kaling wrote "On Fleek" in the comments. I emailed my kids and asked, "Is this a typo?"

["On fleek" means "perfect" or "on point."]


do you say 'on fleek', ontd? do you like AnnE Hathaway's explanations of things?